With devotion and respect to Mr. Donald J. Trump, who claims that the Media can do nothing and writes on Twitter every day, another magic of the Neo-colonial bag; The Child of Media

Hi dear friend
At first you have to pardon me because I can not write with the English language good, any way…
I see that you lost, you failed and in no way, you do not admit that until some time ago you introduced yourself as a businessman who was supposed to break the old political relations!
Do you know what’s the content of a political issue? Staying in power and keep it…
I’m not saying this, but this is the beginning of Spirit of Laws written by Montesquieu!
I want to know, in your team of consultants, was there not one among them to tell you should have the tool provided to change the relationship?
Stupid Seemingly Educated Whites…
At least they could to build a site with zero to one hundred in your own hands, with all the fame you had!
I read in a book that Chomsky said:
Why can’t I be President? with all this study and knowledge? Maybe I’m not as stupid as them should be!!!
Do you know what are
common traits of politicians?
Foolishness and stupidity…
For years, I have been thinking about how to provide a real but publicly available space to defeat the “Internet” and eliminate it!
Do you know what the media is for?
Emptying the Populace from complexes, from lack, regrets, poverty, misery, so that there is no word in their minds or the pain that they revolutionize to evacuate and express it, this was said by both Orwell and Castoriadis…
I do not know how many times you tried to understand what Lyotard was saying or Alan Thorne or Ricoeur or Finkielkraut?
Look doke, if your real goal was to change old relationships, why not hire one whose like me?
I will scalp them alive ?!
Assuming you were what we thought you were, you wanted to pursue a thesis and move forward with it, you thought that it is only the economy that brought the masses of people with you…
No dude!
Go and read Michael Ladin’s comments “The Populace is a Massive Giant and it must be controlled”
And now the same people has removed you from the stage.
Because the helpers of that weak and impotent old man; Joe Biden, they knew better than you how to control this Giant Beast.
Anyway, it was a good show, and once again, with a new trick, you were able to bring the real spectators thoes who think they have participated in this election to the ballot boxs.
Well, you can give them an illusion to be effective, so I take back everything I said before over the years and say it out loud:
You were nothing!
You were just a small tool to showing and entertain the poor.
Please from now on, do not consider us ignorant and do not assume us stupid…
Unique creator of fake and dramatic fights between the media and a seemingly great savior!
Please after thise do not introduce Biden and his team as Left-wing options any way.
So with some excuses ” GIVE IT A REST “
Sincerely Yours
Ebrahim Ppourbagher
November 25, 2020